On the way to F1

My goal is to follow in the footsteps of my idols Robert Kubica and Kimi Raikkonen to Formula 1.
Italian F4 2023 Champion

Kacper Sztuka

The youngest Polish racing driver in F4. He comes from Cieszyn. He started his adventure with motorsport at the age of 4, when he went to the kart track for the first time. From the beginning of his career, he went through a number of faster and faster categories, achieving a very high sports level, allowing him to fight the best drivers in the world.He started in the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy, and then all over Europe.

The first start of 2010 Easy 50 Poland + Czech Republic
2011 Easy 50 Czech Republic
2012 Easy 50 + Easy 60 Czech Republic
2013 Baby 60 Czech Republic
2014 Baby 60 Czech Republic
2015 Mini 60 Italy
2016 Mini 60 Italy
2017 Mini 60 Italy
2018 Mini 60 + Junior ROK Italy
2019 OK Junior Europe
2020 OK Junior Europe
2021 Italian F4 Championship
2022 Italian F4 Championship
2023 Champion of Italian F4 Championship

Kacper dreams of starting in Formula 1 in the next 3 years. He finished season 2023 with the biggest success of his career – championship title of Italian F4 Championship.

Formula 4

On the way to Formula 1, the next step in Kacper’s career are starts in the Italian edition of the F4 Championship – the first racing series organized since 2014 by FIA Formula 4
and the most prestigious F4 edition in the world.
F1 drivers who competed in the Italian edition of the F4 Championship: Lance Stroll, Mick Schumacher, Guanyu Zhou
and Lando Norris. Start in F4 is conditional on completion
15 years of age. In 2019, as soon as such an opportunity arose, Kacper took part in the car tests with the intention of starting as an official driver in the 2021 season. The first F4 season in 2021 ended with a great success, Kacper took 8th place in the Rookie category. He is currently preparing for the new season of 2022, where he will compete again in the Italian F4 Championship
in the team of Unger-Schumacher Racing (US Racing).
Kacper’s childhood dream, catching up with masters such as Robert Kubica and Fernando Alonso, gains realism every year thanks to his diligence, talent and the daily support of his relatives and patrons.


Brak przyszłych wydarzeń

Technical data of the car

  • Body

    P 021

  • Engine

    Abarth 414 TF 1400cc with 160PS

  • Mass

    610 kg

  • Maximum speed

    240 km/h

Kacper Sztuka


  • extral aluminium logo white


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